16 Random Things About Me

Since the title of this BLOG is “Random Thoughts” and since I was tagged in a little game called 16 random things about me on Facebook I decided to start here and import it into Facebook so you can learn a few little known facts about me.

I tend to think I’m not very interesting so this was difficult for me but a good exercise as I thought through my life for different little know factoids. Here they in no particular order:

1. Kim asked me to be her date at the annual Sadie Hawkins dance in High School. I told her I would go and when my old girlfriend came back I told Kim I was going with my old girlfriend. Not one of my better moments. She married me anyway. I am truly blessed.

2. I have spent the night in Jail twice.
Once before I was a Christian and once after. Kim actually bailed me out the second time, although it was with my money.

3. I was the Aksarben soldier of the year while in the Nebraska National Guard.

4. My favorite meal is Hamburgers and Mac & Cheese.

5. If I had not gotten married when I did I would probably be in an Airborne Ranger.

6. I was voted King of the “Sweetheart” dance when I was a Sr. in High School

7. I had the incredible experience of singing a song that I wrote at a Saturday night service at Hillsong Church. I was terrified and had Reuben Morgan, Rolf Fjell, and other amazing people playing with me. One of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do.

8. As a sophomore in High School my friend and I consumed a few bottles of wine and I went to work completely inebriated, was fired, and hired back the next day.

9. I won the John Phillip Souza award my Sr. year.

10. I love candy. Smarties and Twizzlers the most.

11. The “when I grow up” paper I wrote in school was titled “when I grow up I want to be a dad”

12. Although I’ve always wanted one I’ve never had a nickname.

13. I’m loyal to a fault.

14. The best part about being me is being married to Kim and being Hayden and Drake’s dad.

15. I love gadgets. not only electronics. I love kitchen gadgets and gadgets for the shop and sports.

16. I am at my worst when I’m driving.

Who I’m tagging and why:
Kim and Karla because they both tagged me.
Chuck Chalfant because he’s about the funniest person I know.
Esther Fleece because just when I think I know her I learn something else.
Brady Boyd because he’s one of the most transparent people I know.
Ken Verheecke because he inspires me.
Nima Reza because he’s very interesting.
Tom Theis because I think it would be good for him.
Josh Shepherd because he’s brilliant and I would like to know where his perspective comes from.
Esther and Glenn Nurse for the same reason I tagged Josh
Josh Delph for the same reason I tagged Nima
Russ Gordon because he’s wise
Brian Coburn for the same reason I tagged Josh Delph
Matthew Macaulay because I would like to catch up with him.
Aaron Wright for the same reason I tagged Chuck.

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Posted by Gary

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  • At 2008.12.15 00:40, hewhocutsdown said:

    ha ha, no. 1 is awesome!

    On a similar note, I recall the first major meeting of jenn/brittany/neal and myself….we hit pretty much every ‘no-no’ conversation topic; jenn left upset, i think brittany was really upset…..not good.

    so, they’re engaged, and we’re on year 4. 😛

    oh, the irony…