Month: March 2008

David Limbaugh

Mr Limbaugh’s columns are among my very favorite, This one is one of the best.

Please follow the link below and read the whole thing. This particular passage jumped out at me in regard to Jesus on the cross,

“At that moment, Christ was the loneliest man who ever lived. Yet consider this staggering irony: At no time was Christ more perfectly in his Father’s will.”

Where would I be today if not for Jesus obedience to the Cross?

David Limbaugh

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Snow Day?

The forecast is for about 7 inches of snow tonight. If that happens I may be able to work from my office in my house with my slippers on all day.

I love my job and the people I am blessed to work with but I have been running hard for awhile and I would love to not have to get out into traffic and be productive right here at my own desk.

We’ll see what happens.

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Keeping My Promise

I told you I would be more diligent in my posting so here I am keeping my promise.

The front range covered in snow at 6:30 this morning was beautiful. I am so blessed to be able to live here. I never tire of looking at Pikes Peak and the front range. Some days it’s purple, some days orange, and others green and brown.

After living in Australia and going to the beach as often as possible I will never sing about the ocean the same way again and now I will never sing about the mountains the same again.

I remember sitting on my balcony one Saturday morning with my guitar. Kim had placed flower boxes on the railing and I was sitting there watching a bee buzz around the flowers. After a few minutes I felt God ask me “why do you think I made the flowers?” When God asks a question He is not looking for information so I said “I don’t know” and He said to me “for your enjoyment”.

I was overwhelmed with His goodness. The flowers don’t exist for the bee but for the enjoyment of His children. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden for the purpose of fellowship with God and the enjoyment of the surroundings. Yes they were tasked with tending the garden but before the fall it wasn’t work.

Jesus came to restore all things. God’s original plan was fellowship with those made in His image. Don’t take for granted the glory of God in His creation. Take time to take it in and give Him praise because the heavens declare the glory of God and the if we don’t praise Him the rocks will cry out.

Notice him in His creation today. He is good!


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Web Stats

Sorry I’ve been away,

My web host just updated the software that manages my domain and site. The old one was hard for a non techy like me to understand sometimes. The new software is much easier and last night while poking around I found the web stats and was shocked by how many people actually visit this space.

As a result I have a new found resolve to post here more often. This space has mostly been used to process my own thoughts while believing no one really read it anyway. Not that I will change the way I write, for better of for worse, it’s just very interesting to me that people would be interested in my ramblings.

So if your a regular thank you for checking out my thoughts. Please make use of the RSS feed. It’s a great way to stay connected. I would also love to hear your thoughts. The comments stay on until the spammers get involved however there is a small window of opportunity to post your thoughts. When you get involved it makes it much more fun for me.

Blessings to you. I look forward to more interaction.

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