Month: December 2009

Merry Christmas

It’s been a very interesting year for the Colorado Springs Trobee family. Much has changed, all ultimately for good, though change this year has come with many trials. At some point I may do a year in review post but I’ve never really been a fan of looking back.

In the midst of it all the goodness and faithfulness of God has been tangible. Always has been for us but especially this year. God has given me revelation and vision and now I pray for the wisdom and grace to say what He has put on my heart.

Tomorrow I will unplug and decompress for a week and return on January 4th ready to join New Life Church in fasting and prayer. Two prayer meetings a day for the first week of the year.

Tonight on this Christmas Eve 2009 I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Remember; Jesus came for you. (Luke 2:11)

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Are We Asking The Right Questions?

Over the last several months I have been involved in conversations on blogs and forums surrounding all things related to the corporate worship service and the teams of people who facilitate our corporate worship experience.

The conversations are about everything from style, to heart, to practical aspects related to worship in the church. I hear the hearts cry from these leaders and team members and believe the motivation, for the most part, is good. They genuinely want to create an environment where the people of God can come together without distraction and enter into the presence of God with the community of believers they have chosen to identify with.

Today I ran across a conversation entitled “The Ideal Band Member”. I eagerly clicked the link thinking we were going to talk about the type of person we are looking for to be on our worship team. Someone who possesses a servants heart, a lover of God and His word. Someone who will lay down their life for the Bride of Christ, not positioning themselves for something bigger and better but sincerely serving the house. And oh by the way they are skillful. I was disappointed.

The conversation was about instrumentation. “We have two guitars, a bass, a drummer, and two keyboard players what should we be trying to add next?”

Please don’t misunderstand. This is not an invalid or unimportant conversation. If our goal is excellence this is a valid stream however; in the context of the last several months it made me wonder if we are really asking the right questions.

What is our purpose as leaders in the church in general and worship leaders specifically?

I remember receiving an email telling me I would not be asked to be a part of the worship team because the pastor wanted a cohesive group of musicians. And since I was an unknown they were going to choose people who they knew could deliver. I wanted to scream “our purpose is not to build a cohesive group”. Now if my skillset is not at an acceptable level fair enough but if the reason I am not invited is so you can have a “cohesive group” there may be a misunderstanding of our purpose.

Our purpose is first the equipping of the saints, and second to operate in our gifts. This is the order were given in Ephesians 4:12

“the equipping of the saints for works of service”  is first and then;
“the edification of the body”

I have much more to say on that topic but for now I’ll leave it there.

Certainly when we stand on the platform we must be invisible. Actually transparent is a better word and the best way to do that is to be excellent. Not perfect but excellent. Excellence is giving the best you have which is much different than perfection. This is not an either or proposition. We can, and must, accomplish both. It was God’s idea and He can certainly give us the wisdom to accomplish it in our context. But if were not even asking the question we are grossly missing the point.

If we are faithful with the faithfulness entrusted to us God will give the increase and bring the right instruments/musicians or whatever we need at the right time. People are our purpose and we must never lose sight of that priority.

Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood—over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as elders. Acts 20:28
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I Love The Church

My Pastor, Brady Boyd, made a statement several weeks ago that will stay with me forever. He said:

“those who love the bride will have the opportunity to heal the bride”

He’s absolutely right. There are many people who do not love the Bride who are trying to “fix” her. It wont work. The fix has to come from the inside; from those who love her. It’s no different than any other relationship. Do you listen to just anyone who  gives advice? or do restrict the privilege of speaking into your life to those who know you and love you enough to tell you the truth?

I love the Bride, the Church, the coming together of the saints of God to worship and hear the Word of God proclaimed. I love the fellowship aspect of Church. I love the community aspect of Church. I love every aspect of Church and  I am convinced God does as well.

The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

Psalm 87:2


The gates are where the people gather. I have a picture in my mind of God sitting on His throne on Sunday morning so excited for His people to come together for a single purpose. Psalm 133 says where there is unity God commands a blessing. When we come together for corporate worship it’s one of the few things we do in almost total unity.

So if you, like me, see problems with the Bride is your heart in a place where you can speak the truth in love? Make sure before you start suggesting a “fix”.


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