Month: August 2011

A Change of Seasons

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:”

Life moves in seasons and I am sensing my season changing.

Summer is coming to an end and the fall is almost in full swing.This fall is going to be different than I expected but good. I have committed to being in Limon until we can make a smooth transition. I feel toward Life in Christ Church like I would feel toward my daughter, if I had one. I want to make sure the new Sr. Pastor will love her and serve her unconditionally. I know everything will come together at the right time.

This fall I will be teaching 3 classes, two I’ve never taught before, at Cornerstone Cottage School; just a little stressed but excited. The School of Worship is gearing up as well. I love mentoring students and walking with them toward their ultimate calling to lead the body of Christ into His presence.

The biggest thing however is traveling to churches to help build worship teams. This fall we have 4 retreats scheduled and have already made a trip to Ohio. It’s been so rewarding to spend time with churches who don’t have the resources to hire a full time worship pastor or send someone to training. They have so much passion and desire and just need a little direction. Over the next several months I will be praying for direction as to how to move forward and would love any ideas, advice, and most importantly prayer.

If you are in a church or know a church in need of a mentor please point them this direction. We are having lots of fun and seeing lots of fruit. This weekend we will be at The Springs Journey right here in Colorado Springs.  You would be welcome to come and take part if you like it’s completely free. Hope to see you there.


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New Music

If your like most worship leaders you are constantly on the lookout for new music. And not just new but something fresh.

Seems as though most of what I hear is very similar to a hundred other songs I’ve heard over the last several years.

Enter Matthew Reed;

From what I’ve read Matthew decided he had a few songs he wanted to share so he self-produced this E.P. with the help of some Colorado Springs folks. Which makes me proud.

There are a couple of songs you could use in worship. So far I’ve used “Crash This Place” several times in a couple of different places and it works. People have responded well. It’s a great call to worship.

Here are the lyrics:

vs. 1
Though the waves are flooding the shore
And the ground is shaking in despair
Come and heal this a broken land
We want to know You deeper, to know You deeper

Holy Spirit won’t You move in power
Come and crash this place with love
Come and crash this place with love
King of Glory won’t You have Your way here
Come and crash this place with love
Come and crash this place with love

vs. 2
Broken and torn for our crown
For His love is all we need
Come and heal our broken hands
We want to know You deeper, to know You deeper

Whoa, oh, oh, we are one
Whoa, oh, oh, would Your Kingdom come
On this earth like You promised
In our hearts like a flood

I love the way the song builds and then drops out at the bridge.

Also Matthew is very accessible. I contacted him on Facebook to ask for charts and he responded the same day, and forwarded charts for the whole EP.

Check it out and let me know if you use it.
And let me know if you find new stuff as well.

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