A new homeless ministry in SLC « …for such a time as this


A new homeless ministry in SLC

My sweet Bonnie:)
Fresh food at Pioneer Park
Bonnie’s friends
Sunday we served with one of my best friends, Bonnie, down at Pioneer Park. Three years ago Bonnie started a ministry out of K2 The Church, feeding the homeless fresh food every week. She has about 300-400 people each week and fully relies on God to provide the volunteers, money and food.

Each week there are many people who help. There is no possible way Bonnie can know everyone, because of how this ministry has grown (Good problem).

This Sunday, a gentleman named Porter came. He was very helpful and excited at what he saw.

Porter asked Bonnie what church she is from. After she responded, he said, “Well, I am LDS”. Almost with an “Is this still okay for me to help” tone.If you know Bonnie, you can picture her bubbly and joyful personality saying “It does not matter, we are glad God brought you here to help!”

Porter enthusiastically joined in.

Ten minutes later, Porter asked Bonnie more questions. One question being “Who funds this each week?”

Bonnie replied: “Jesus!”

Porter proceeded to tell Bonnie that he is a bodyguard for President Hinckley. (That would be the Mormon prophet and president, President Hinckley)

Porter and Bonnie stayed in touch and Bonnie has had the opportunity to share with Porter the God-sized dreams she has for ministering to the “Least of these” in Salt Lake. Her most exciting vision in one of a “Homeless Day Center”- a place for homeless people to go during the day to eat, shower, rest and learn.

Well… are you ready for this?

Porter just called Bonnie. He informed her that they (Take a guess on who that is ladies and gentlemen) have a twenty-one thousand square foot building for her to use. They have gotten her a 5 year lease. It will be $1 a month (Yes that is one dollar). IN ADDITION, they have a construction company for her that will renovate it however she wants. (You might want to re-read this paragraph, I know)

THE LORD WHO PROVIDES, is he not? What a MIGHTY GOD we serve! He blesses His people!

I think I may need to rename this blog: “WOW, God, WOW!”

A new homeless ministry in SLC « …for such a time as this

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