“I’ve had the honor of Gary Trobee investing in our church numerous times. Many of these occassions involved Gary volunteering his time and resources, while at other times we hired Gary as a worship consultant. Gary played a significant part in helping to develop a solid foundation for our own worship culture. Gary represents the complete package in terms of spiritual wisdom & content, method of delivery, and a passionate heart that motivates him to minister to churches. If you spend any time with Gary, you will undoubtedly begin to hear his heart of equipping the saints. He also has a solid understanding of honoring the doctrines of the multiple types of churches that he visits, while still being able to deliver life changing truths for worship ministries. I’ve seen Gary’s influencial footprint expand across the U.S. without any real attempts to advertise. It is my hope & prayer that God will fully breathe upon Gary’s ministry opportunities. I believe America’s church will be completely blessed if Gary’s sphere of influence grows.
-Jeremy Skinner, Worship Leader, Radiant Church, Woodland Park Campus.

Gary has done an amazing job leading us in worship for the past 3 years at our Annual Couples Conference. Gary is personable and led by the Holy Spirit with his inspiring music and worship. I would recommend him for any Church Worship or Conference Event. He is also an outstanding teacher and able to disciple others.
-Cory Schortzman, Speaker, Author, Therapist, Transformed Hearts Counseling Center.

“I am happy to recommend the ministry of Gary Trobee. Gary understands the relational, spiritual, and practical workings within the local church and has the true heart and gifting to serve the Kingdom of God.”
-Tom Ewing, Founder Tom Ewing Ministries

“Gary is a very gifted musician and leader that has tremendous skills that would benefit any organization looking to take their team, music and preaching to another level. He is a genuine leader and cares deeply to assist others in developing their God given leadership potential.”
– John Serio, Sr. Pastor Springs Journey Church, Colorado Springs, CO

I have had the privilege of serving in a worship ministry capacity with Gary Trobee for a number of years.  We led worship together in a local Colorado Springs worship center, and together, we experienced the palpable presence of our God on a weekly basis.   Gary brings with him a number of strong values to a ministry environment:  A passionate heart of worship, a desire to see the Lord move in and through His people, a tender servant-leader approach to leadership, plus a background of experience and knowledge he uses to invest into the groups he is working with.  I would certainly recommend Gary Trobee to be employed by houses of worship; they will be blessed by him.
– Cisco Tercero II, Worship Pastor International Anglican Church, Colorado Springs, CO

“We have had Gary on a couple of occasions to work with our worship team as he led a worship workshop. We have also had Gary lead worship for our church on a couple of occasions, including this past Easter Sunday morning. Gary also has led sessions with our church leadership not connected to the music ministry, helping us to cast vision in some areas.
Gary loves the Lord, the Lord’s people, pastors, and is so easy to work with. He is talented, has lots of ministry knowledge and wisdom, and has a great servant’s heart.
Gary helped our worship team immensely. but the thing I appreciated the most was his heart, and his respect to me in my position as the pastor of the church. He was in no way prideful, arrogant, nor did he think he knew it all. He would be a blessing to you and your ministry if you had him in. I didn’t know Gary when I got here to this church, but I certainly am happy to call him my friend now, and would call on him again and again in a time of need.”
– Kyle Campise, Sr. Pastor Bethel Baptist Church, Ord NE

“I have worked alongside Gary and Kim Trobee in a few different ministry settings. They both are very qualified, seasoned ministers of the Gospel and carry such a compassionate, pastoral heart. They are committed to building meaningful relationships and have a very genuine ministry. It is an honor to know them!”
– Marcia Alverson, Music Instructor-Adjunct Faculty, Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, CO

“Gary’s understanding of an effective local church ministry and assembling a heart-driven worship ministry is born out of his own deep intimacy in worship and entering the Father’s Presence on a regular basis.
He pushes past the “what” of ministry organization to challenge those he consults with on the “how” and “why” of ministry in order to generate greater effectiveness and longer lasting results. He never stops asking questions and encourages those with whom he consults to do the same.
So, if personal and organizational growth is what you strive to achieve, don’t miss an opportunity to add Gary to your team!”
– Tom Ramirez, New Life Worship Choir ministry leader, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO

“Gary Trobee is a dedicated man of God and a Spirit-filled praise and worship leader. During our church launch on Easter Sunday, he came out and led our evening service with amazing music. Since we were a church plant, he did this out of the kindness of his heart and his desire that we succeed. We will be forever grateful for his love and support. Gary makes praise and worship leading look easy.”
– Pastor Ken Hellmer, Sr. Pastor, Peak Life Church, Woodland Park CO

“Gary Trobee has a heart for worship that connects with the local church. He brings passion to his seminars along with communicating in practical ways how to design worship sets that honor God in music. Gary combines his practical instruction with years of experience that are clear in the seminars he leads. Castine Church has benefited from Gary’s leadership”
– Greg Hyre, Sr. Pastor, Castine Church, Castine OH

“More than leading worship Gary creates an environment of worship, he builds a “Church” wherever he goes. Not the brick and mortar (small “c”) church building that we erroneously think of as a church; but he joins people together in worship and that is what the (big “C”) Church needs to be, people united in a singular goal… to serve Christ. Very much like a master builder Gary can look into the skills that are present in a group like building blocks assemble them and reinforce them to create a structure that no one else would have seen. Gary is beyond talented, he is gifted.”
– Jackson Douglas, Senior Counselor/Client Advocate/Team Leader, Colorado Springs, CO

“Last year Gary spoke to us on topics such as intimacy, unity, and practical uses of theory. This year he will follow up on those topics and take us further down the road of growth and development in our worship in areas of heart, skill, leadership, and team relationship as we offer our best to the Lord.”
– Dawn Garber, Worship Pastor Castine Church, Castine OH

I have had the honor of working with Gary Trobee several times through his ministry and each time has been such a blessing! He and his family love God and are willing and faithful servants. He has a great perspective on ministry and is a very talented musician. It has been such a joy each time I have gotten to work with him. I would take any opportunity to do so in the future.
– Alizon Roth Worship Leader Ainsworth Assembly of God Church, Ainsworth NE

 “Our worship Seminar with Gary Trobee from CO Springs was phenomenal and we would recommend it to anyone who desires to go deeper in worship, especially if you serve on a worship team.
– Rick Casto, OLAM, Buena Vista, CO

“Gary is a visional source of experienced ministry and organizational thought. He is compassionate and people driven. His goal is to help people find better ways to serve and give them tools and resources to build bold goals for God’s Kingdom.”
– Ray Wagoner, Sr. Pastor, North Peak Church, Woodland Park CO

Gary is a man who has after heart of God! Gary loves to worship and impart the presence of God wherever he goes. Gary’s ministry is a blessing to many lives all over the world. I would encourage you to be a part of what God is doing through Gary Trobee… you’ll be so glad you did!
– Esther Nurse, Maximize Church, Sydney Australia

“Gary Trobee has a heart not only for God, but for humanity in general. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in the past, seeing him lead the praise band and leading church and youth activities, always has a smile on his face and is genuinely interested in your welfare. He is dedicated, faithful, enthusiastic, and persuasive. A believer’s believer! And yes, he practices what he preaches! Very talented, friendly, caring, and just an all- around good guy! His family is awesome too. Great people! ” – Ray Nalley, Professional Drummer

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