Finally Got Started

After realizing setting goals is easy, it’s time to get going. So I guilted myself into getting downstairs and setting up the bike.

Stats and info will be posted here if your interested in the bicycle stuff.

It has been so hard to start writing songs again. At Bible college it was so easy. I think because there is an anointing on the place for writing songs. So this morning I picked up a hymnal from 1895 "Gospel Hymns Nos.1-6". No music, no notation, just lyrics.

When I heard A.W. Tozer used to go into his room with his Bible and a Hymnal to have communion with the Father years ago I started picking up Hymnals. I love them.

There is a gate that stands ajar,
And through its portals gleaming
A radiance from the Cross afar,
the Saviour’s love revealing.

ref.- Oh, depth of mercy ! can it be
        That gate was left ajar for me?
        For me, for me?
        Was left ajar for me?

That gate ajar stands free for all
Who seek through it salvation;
The rich and poor, the great and small,
Of every tribe and nation,

Press onward then, though foes may frown,
While mercy’s gate is open;
Accept the cross, and win the crown,
Love’s everlasting token.

Beyond the river’s brink we’ll lay
the cross that here is given,
And bear the crown of life away,
And love Him more in heaven.

I sat in the parking lot waiting for Kim with tears in my eyes as I read these lyrics. So to take the lid off the process I have reworked the lyrics and tomorrow I will record the melody that is ringing in my head.

the book writing is already behind schedule, so not out of the woods yet.

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