Frontier School of the Bible update

An update from this post, followed up by this, this, and this.

I received this on May the 6th and it got buried in my inbox. Sorry for the lateness. but here it is.

We’ve been waiting to receive this update and it came this morning. We are praising God for His amazing work!
This morning the Wyoming Department of Education granted FSB a leadership school exemption. This will allow them to operate as they are now without having to be working toward accreditation or licensing.
With this type exemption they are allowed to only grant diplomas rather than degrees, but they are working toward FSB having a religious exemption which would allow degrees to be offered. FSB’s attorneys have never experienced better cooperation with State leaders than with FSB’s situation, and cannot imagine a better development up to this point.
Thank you for the many prayers you have given on behalf of FSB. May God greatly bless you!
Please continue to pray that the details regarding FSB being granted a religious exemption will be worked out.

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