Head Wind

Top three things that make a horrible ride:
3. False downhill
2. greater than 15mph headwind on the homestretch
1. Bonking
again, all subject to change without notice.

I was correct in my prediction regarding weekend rides. I did not get out. Although I felt like I rode on century. Last year I started helping a sweet lady keep her acreage trimmed up. I started that again on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon was spent putting in a patio with 16in square paving stones. I hurt in places I forgot I had.

So tonight I wasn’t going to ride I was just going to rest. When I got home there was no wind and I had to go. I thought, “this will be a great night for a recovery ride”.

So off I went no set route just south and then up Gleneagle drive to Sunhills drive. I found a road I hadn’t been on and ended up on Old Northgate by Flying Horse. Since there was no wind I decided to go down hwy 83 to New Life Church and then back home.

We never have a north wind in the evening. When a bunch of us were riding to work we had a head wind, North, on the way to work and a headwind, South, on the way home every day. Tonight when I hit hwy 83 I didn’t think much about it at the time but a nice north wind was beginning to blow. So my recovery ride fell apart on the way home. However I feel great.

Here are the numbers:
14.86 miles, 14mph avg., 39mph max, 1:03:22, burned 1053 calories with and avg hrt of 141, weighing in at 164 with 19.8% body fat.
B.T.W. my goal is 160 and 15% body fat. I don’t know if those numbers correlate or not but that’s the goal.

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