Today I had an employment law update to attend on the south side of town. Yes it was as exciting as it sounds.

Two weeks ago I met someone who rides about 200 miles a week, that should have been my first clue, he said “you ever ride up to Helen Hunt Falls? It’s a great ride.” so today I decided while I was down there I would experience the great ride up. Oh my goodness…..

I got 1 mile into the climb and had to stop my heart rate was maxed out. I hate stopping on climbs. When my heart rate got back to high I decided to press on. .6 mile ahead the road turned from steep to steeper. I stopped again, did I mention I hate stopping on climbs? only this time when I started I had to go horizontally across the road so I could clip in my second shoe. .2 mile up the road I cashed it in feeling totally defeated and disappointed.

I have decided this will be my barometer. Occasionally I will drive down to the canyon and see if I can go further. I will get to the falls before the end of the summer.

Here are the numbers:
6.92 miles, 12.2 avg mph, 36.8 mph max, 34:05 ride time, 44:51 total time, almost 11 minutes gasping for air hoping my head wouldn’t explode. Burned 796 calories, half of what I burned on a 22 mile ride yesterday, and an average hrt of 156, not sure how that works. I’m down to 164 lbs and 19.5% body fat.

I’m doing the Larkspur loop again tomorrow Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. (for all you John Wayne fans)

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