Never Apologize for Selling

Never, ever, ever, apologize for being a salesperson. We make the world move.

If you show up at my door, the one thing that will guarantee a rough start for you is for you to announce “I’m not selling anything.” First of all if you weren’t selling something you wouldn’t be standing in front of me. 

Why do we define an entire industry by the worst of them?

I know some lazy, entitled, teachers but all teachers are not lazy, and entitled. I know some policemen who are power hungry, egomaniacs but all policemen are not power hungry, egomaniacs. I know some sleazy, self serving, aggressive salespeople but all sales people are not sleazy, self serving, and aggressive.

I sleep very well every night with the confidence that anyone who has ever bought anything from me in the last 30 years has done so in their own self interest. 

Nothing in the world moves until something is sold. I don’t care what your chosen profession is you are selling something every day. You are selling yourself, an idea, a process, a relationship, where you want to eat, what movie you want to see. Everyone is selling something and that’s a good thing. 

Be bold, be proud of your idea, your process, your relationships, your product or service. If your not proud of it go find one you can be proud of and then go help someone take action to better themselves or their situation. 

Never, ever, ever, apologize for being a salesperson. We make the world move.

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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.