Raising Up The Next Generation?

I believe this statement comes from a completely sincere heart and is completely wrong.

We most definitely have the responsibility to pass our faith and our heritage onto the  next generation but nowhere, that I can find, in Scripture are we exhorted to “raise up” the next generation.

What Scripture does exhort us to do is raise up those entrusted to us regardless the generation. Certainly if an 18-year-old is called, gifted, and faithful they should be promoted but not just because they are 18. The same is true for a 48-year-old.

When we focus on one specific demographic whatever it may be we by definition create other very big problems. This is part of the problem of blended worship, or a multigenerational focus. These approaches create a market based, consumer driven culture and  that’s definitely not what we want.

If we will cultivate a culture of change while equipping and empowering Gods people to do what God has called and created them to do many of the problems we’re trying to fix by being “blended” or “multigenerational” will fix themselves.

I’m not naive and I’m not trying to be overly simplistic just hear my foundational premise.

The bottom line:

God has called leaders to first be equippers. Leaders are those who can recognize, call out, equip, and release gifting back into the body. Being a high-capacity doer of anything does not alone qualify a leader, and the reality is high-capacity doers are seldom the best leaders.

If we will focus our ministry on equipping the saints, as defined above, and promote calling and faithfulness over gifting and drive. We will have a very vibrant, change oriented, and multigenerational ministry by default. Because those entrusted to us are the culture and when we empower them they will represent and reflect that culture.

What are your thoughts?

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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.


  • At 2013.02.05 08:33, Tony Davis said:

    These are not the words of someone God has called to lead. They are too much about what they will do or should do. The Father is the leader. We are all followers. Many are called. Few are chosen. Of those there are certain ones gifted to speak not for God but by God. His words. Not yours, mine, or ours. All other speech corrupts. No matter the culture, no matter the age, gender, race, generation, God’s word is Holy and needs no help from man to do His will.

    • At 2013.02.05 10:17, Gary said:

      I'm not sure I'm tracking with you Tony,

      It is true in order to be a good leader we must be good followers first of God and then of His delegated authority. God has placed people in positions of authority to serve by helping the entire body of Christ walk in the fullness of her calling. Jesus modeled it perfectly. He definitely healed the sick, preached the word, was a disciple maker , etc., etc. and on the way to the cross He used every opportunity to equip those entrusted to Him to walk in the fullness of their calling.

      When we focus on needs we end up using people to meet needs and serve events rather than using needs and events to equip the saints. Leaders must be faithful with the most valuable thing in the Kingdom. Those He bought with His own blood. That means valuing all the gifts in all of His people. Not just the young, the talented, the articulate, or any other niche we can think of.

      Sorry I got a little preachy there. This is a critical subject in my opinion. Thanks for the comment.