Saturdays Ride

We had company this weekend. I did get a good ride in but haven’t had a chance to write about it. So here goes.

Saturday mid morning it looked pretty good not a lot of wind so I quickly jumped on the bike without eating much of anything. I didn’t take any food but had a 16oz bottle with plain water and a 12oz bottle with Electro-Mix which works well for me. It doesn’t taste sweet and doesn’t give me cotton mouth. But I digress.

My goal was to get in 40 miles so off I went without a route in mind just heading up hill and into the wind as much as possible. The first 17 miles was great then I turned around and the crosswind was so bad it nearly knocked me off the bike in unprotected places along the road. I remember three places where a gust hit me so hard I thought it was over. I did however hang on and get back to hwy 83.

It was the longest ride of the year for me and it took all I had. I got home used up but not destroyed. Pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. Sorry side bar 🙂

Here are the numbers:
2:43:24, 41 miles, 15mph avg, 37.4mph avg, burned 2883 calories and an avg hrt of 157bpm.

Took Sunday off. I’ll give you todays numbers next.

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