New Song

As you know earlier this year I set some goals. One was to write 30 songs this year.

Not doing to well so far but there’s still lots of time to make it happen. I have 3 I could call finished but had the urge to record yesterday so thought I would post one so you would know I’m not just making up numbers.

I know I’m not supposed to apologize for it before you even hear it so here is my apology. I’m going for quantity not quality. I’m also trying things I don’t normally do. Some of the lyrics are cliche’ I know that and there is a flat 7 chord in the bridge. It’s the old hymn I told you about reworked. So it sounds a bit old country.

There you go you can give a listen in several places. I have widgets all over the place.

If your reading this in Facebook you can go to my profile and click on “my band” you’ll see it on top of the list there.

If your reading the blog fed into anywhere else you can go to the widget on my profile main page.

If you happen to be on the blog itself there is a widget on the right side toward the bottom.

You can also find it here and here.

I don’t plan to leave it up long since it’s pretty raw and I will use that space the next time I want to share.

would love your feedback. Please be gentle :-}

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