This happened to me last year

Just when I was starting to feel good on the bike. I’m at 1000 miles for the year. Not much by some standards quite a bit by others. For me I’m halfway to my goal for the year.

Just like last year about this time the weather is perfect in the morning until about mid afternoon and then the clouds roll in. Which by itself is not so bad. The lightning however is completely different set of circumstances. We have had 3 people that I know of struck by lightning this year. I don’t want to be the 4th.

On top of everything else I have been so busy I haven’t been able to ride as much. So my options are too get up in the morning. Not a great option but an option none the less. Or come in a little earlier and take a long lunch. I have been doing that a couple times a week but I rely on at least one or two evenings to get my miles in.

Oh well if it’s that important, and I believe it is for my sanity, then I will have to make time.

In the meantime. My quiet times have been sweet. Though still not as regular and consistent as I would like when I am able to make time they are sweet. I so love the presence of God and His still small voice. The Word of God is amazing and always timely, always weighty. I am so blessed.

I hope you are able to keep your priorities straight and make time for the one thing that is selfish and feeds you.


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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.