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In this political environment with our freedoms attacked daily and politicians who go about implementing their agenda through tricks bypassing public debate and the will of the people. I assumed their was a dark purpose regarding the new legislation in Wyoming.

Mr Miles has asked that people not call or email the legislature rather to pray. His update is posted below. I appreciate Mr Miles taking the high road and I hope I have not damaged the cause.

Dear Christian Friends,

The following is an update on our situation with the State of Wyoming :

Yesterday, we sent an email to every member of the state legislature. Most of them are not aware of how the new state statutes have affected Frontier School of the Bible. Thus far, there has been a good response. The Economic Development Committee got involved and are very concerned about this situation. We are seeking to schedule a meeting at Frontier with the Department of Education, the Economic Development Committee, our local legislators, and the LaGrange City Council. Also, we asked for an extension to the April 15th deadline.
I spoke with Don Landis, who is the president of Jackson Hole Bible College , and learned that he was unaware of these new statutes. They affect this school as well.
Please pray that we can schedule this meeting and for a solution to this problem to come about in a non-confrontational way. I believe this can happen. For now, I think it is best if supportive individuals do not make calls or send emails to the State of Wyoming . I think it would be fine to do so if you have friends or contacts in the Wyoming state government.
There is no question that prayer is the best approach.

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging emails. I will continue to give updates.

Yours In Christ,
Nelson Miles

I sincerely apologize for my rash reaction.

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  • At 2009.04.08 18:15, Carmen Carpenter said:

    No harm done I don’t think, Gary. I appreciated your concern.