West Wind

I’m almost out of bike blog titles. Hoping I have an East wind next time.

Today was the first day I got to ride over lunch. I’m hoping that works out more and more. It’s great to get out during the day.

As near as I can tell I had about a 22 mph cross wind. Since the Larkspur loop is more of a teardrop it’s almost like an out and back so I got it the bulk of the ride. I refer you to a previous post here. This one has a false downhill near the end, and I had a pretty good headwind the last 5 miles.

Funny thing, as I turned onto 105 I saw in the ditch a really nice water bottle. So I stopped, looked around for other cyclist, there were none so I picked it up, poured out the water, put it into my jersey pocket, and proceeded to the first climb. As I got about 2/3 of the way up I saw a bike behind me and I immediately thought, “Oh no, I have this guys water bottle” and since I always think everyone is stronger than me I figured when he caught up to me I would give it back. After I refilled it with water from my second bottle which I had not touched yet of course. Then I had thoughts of him coming up next to me really angry, then I started thinking “why did I pick that thing up?” It was full and surely someone noticed they lost it and would be back to get it.

Then I topped the hill and he was gone. So I forgot about it and rode on. When I got on the other side of Larkspur a car came up behind me and didn’t pass. There was no reason not to. He had plenty of room. Then I started thinking “Oh no, it’s the guy and he wants his water bottle back”. So I slowed and turned my head to tell him he could have it back when he passed me. Why so paranoid over a silly water bottle. If you hear of someone who lost it let me know and I will gladly return it. It’s very nice.

Anyway here are the numbers:
1:23:45, 21.5 miles, 15.4 mph avg, 41.9 mph max, burned 1558 calories, and an avg hrt of 162.

Family in town this weekend so I’ll try to get out early in the morning and later on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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