Winter Riding

I am sick of politics, though I am hopeful, I am discouraged today at the ignorance, I mean that not in the pejorative sense, of the American public. So I’m going to change the subject.

I don’t really know if anyone reads this blog and if anyone does I really don’t know why. Today I am going to do an experiment. I’m going to ask a question,

Here it is:

It’s about 58 and sunny today and since my work hours have changed to 6:00 am to 3:00 pm  I get home around 3:45 with plenty of time to ride outside. I hate riding indoors and can’t seem to make myself. I would love to get a computrainer but I don’t have $1,000 and I’m not convinced if I bought one I would use it. Did I mention I hate riding indoors? I did? Sorry.

I don’t really have the gear for winter riding. I have one very light pair of full finger gloves, one pair of very cheap tights with no chamois, one long sleeved jersey, a very light jacket, good headcover, a pair of shoes full of holes, ventilation not worn out. 🙂

Do you ride in the cold?
Where do I start accumulating gear?
Should I buy tights or leg warmers?
Where should I spend my money? I’m thinking shoes but not sure.

So there it is. let me know what you think. even if your not a cyclist I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Posted by Gary

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