I used to be obsessive about goals.

Personal, business, spiritual, family, financial, etc. etc. Then the action plans and benchmarks. Reviewing and rewriting as necessary. You’ve all heard that a study of Harvard grads showed that if they had their goals written down they were more likely to achieve them.

It never really worked for me and the goals became a prison. A source of stress and angst as it became obvious they weren’t going to happen. So I quit writing goals.

So for a number of years no goals until last year. If you read this space you know I had three. I met none of them.

God had different ideas for me. I’m glad He did.

This year I’m setting one goal. Draw near to God and let Him direct my path.

What do you think? a cop out? lazy? unfocused? overspiritual?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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