The Way Out is Through

Don’t spend one second worrying about yesterday.

William Durant said “Forget past mistakes, forget failures, forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”

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I used to be obsessive about goals.

Personal, business, spiritual, family, financial, etc. etc. Then the action plans and benchmarks. Reviewing and rewriting as necessary. You’ve all heard that a study of Harvard grads showed that if they had their goals written down they were more likely to achieve them.

It never really worked for me and the goals became a prison. A source of stress and angst as it became obvious they weren’t going to happen. So I quit writing goals.

So for a number of years no goals until last year. If you read this space you know I had three. I met none of them.

God had different ideas for me. I’m glad He did.

This year I’m setting one goal. Draw near to God and let Him direct my path.

What do you think? a cop out? lazy? unfocused? overspiritual?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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New Song

As you know earlier this year I set some goals. One was to write 30 songs this year.

Not doing to well so far but there’s still lots of time to make it happen. I have 3 I could call finished but had the urge to record yesterday so thought I would post one so you would know I’m not just making up numbers.

I know I’m not supposed to apologize for it before you even hear it so here is my apology. I’m going for quantity not quality. I’m also trying things I don’t normally do. Some of the lyrics are cliche’ I know that and there is a flat 7 chord in the bridge. It’s the old hymn I told you about reworked. So it sounds a bit old country.

There you go you can give a listen in several places. I have widgets all over the place.

If your reading this in Facebook you can go to my profile and click on “my band” you’ll see it on top of the list there.

If your reading the blog fed into anywhere else you can go to the widget on my profile main page.

If you happen to be on the blog itself there is a widget on the right side toward the bottom.

You can also find it here and here.

I don’t plan to leave it up long since it’s pretty raw and I will use that space the next time I want to share.

would love your feedback. Please be gentle :-}

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Goals Update

Did I mention setting goals is easy?

I know you were all thinking 30 songs in a year?!? I have 2 finished and 1 in my mind hopefully I can finish up today with it. Remember I’m going for quantity not quality.

The book is not really on track, I’m struggling to sit down and write. Still looking for a good word processor for MAC. Word just isn’t the same on a MAC, iWork is ok but having a hard time getting used to it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Cycling is on track I’m keeping track of progress here if you would like more detail about it.

there is the long and the short of it. Thanks for keeping me accountable.

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The First Day

Today I begin working toward the goals for 2010.

I have found a place to set up recording equipment and have a plan for writing the book and for getting in shape to ride the copper triangle.

Haven’t found a countdown widget so I’ll just keep track and post progress. Thanks for keeping me accountable.

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Looking Forward

2009 was a year of sowing and growth. I look for 2010 to be a year of continued sowing and growth however I am also expecting some harvest.

“A Broken House” a small book about my heart for the church is finished and on it’s way to the editor. Last night I laid out a plan to write the next one. It will be called “The Language of Heaven”. This morning I woke up singing a chorus for the first time in a very long time.

As I was on my way to mens prayer this morning I made a decision to set a songwriting goal. Later in the day it occurred to me to set a goal to finish the book as well. Then my friend Tom called and reminded me about a ride we had talked about late last year. So here are the 2010 goals.

  • Have “The Language of Heaven” written by July 1st
  • Write 35 songs by Christmas break, (Tom thinks this is too many)
  • Ride the Copper Triangle on August 7th, 2010

The ride supports the Davis Phinney Foundation for parkinson’s If you would like to  make a contribution you can contact me here.

So there you have it. I’ll look for a countdown widget for the blog and you can keep me accountable. I appreciate all of you reading and your encouragement.

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