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Just got my first Music Review here it is:

Gary Trobee Proves His Faith Is Strong

Gary Trobee Proves His Faith Is StrongGary Trobee is a man who puts his faith first and does it well. “Waited” is a wonderfully sung song that’s sincere to the core. Gary Trobee lets his faith shine in this aptly titled one called “Faithful One.” It’s all about the “One” that he’s been put his beliefs in all these years and all that he does for him; it’s much appreciated. That seems to be the same tale Gary sings about in “You Pursue Me” as well. I think it was Shakespeare who once said something along the lines of, how many ways do I love thee, let me count the ways. In this case Gary Trobee is singing how many ways he loves the Lord with all of the above and “My Jesus I Love Thee.” A lot of the songs are these slowed down testaments of faith, but the title track, “I Will Sing,” brings an upbeat energy to the record. If you love Christian music that’s done with the big guy upstairs in mind, check out Gary Trobee now. (

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Listen to the full E.P. here

Watch the Run To You video here

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New Music

If your like most worship leaders you are constantly on the lookout for new music. And not just new but something fresh.

Seems as though most of what I hear is very similar to a hundred other songs I’ve heard over the last several years.

Enter Matthew Reed;

From what I’ve read Matthew decided he had a few songs he wanted to share so he self-produced this E.P. with the help of some Colorado Springs folks. Which makes me proud.

There are a couple of songs you could use in worship. So far I’ve used “Crash This Place” several times in a couple of different places and it works. People have responded well. It’s a great call to worship.

Here are the lyrics:

vs. 1
Though the waves are flooding the shore
And the ground is shaking in despair
Come and heal this a broken land
We want to know You deeper, to know You deeper

Holy Spirit won’t You move in power
Come and crash this place with love
Come and crash this place with love
King of Glory won’t You have Your way here
Come and crash this place with love
Come and crash this place with love

vs. 2
Broken and torn for our crown
For His love is all we need
Come and heal our broken hands
We want to know You deeper, to know You deeper

Whoa, oh, oh, we are one
Whoa, oh, oh, would Your Kingdom come
On this earth like You promised
In our hearts like a flood

I love the way the song builds and then drops out at the bridge.

Also Matthew is very accessible. I contacted him on Facebook to ask for charts and he responded the same day, and forwarded charts for the whole EP.

Check it out and let me know if you use it.
And let me know if you find new stuff as well.

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