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10 Keys for effective worship leaders (2)

The first key was Submission to the Leader today’s key is:

2. Living a lifestyle of prayer

In December of 2006 I posted The Prayer Life of a Worshiper so I won’t re-post those thoughts here please have a look at them.

The bottom line is we serve a God who is always communicating. In many ways, not just words, and we must learn to receive what He is saying. It’s critical that we hear and know His voice so well we can, and do, respond to it.

If we have a lifestyle of walking in constant communication, allowing God to speak and direct our steps, we are more able to lead His people on Sunday morning with confidence and humility.

I’m not talking about an hour or whatever each day, although if you practice this you may do that, I’m talking about a lifestyle of walking with Him.


Number three is here.

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10 Keys for effective worship leaders (1)

I like checklists.

Looking for lists can be a bad thing. People were always asking Jesus “what must we do?” looking for the list of things to check off so they would be “ok” with God.

However lists can provide an effective way to organize our thoughts and to audit our performance. Over the next 10 days we will look at some keys in no particular order. Practical and Spiritual items will be interspersed.

1. Submission to the leader

People ask all the time; “when is it ok to not submit to the leader in the service?”.

The answer is never. “but what if they’re not hearing the Holy Spirit?”

The leader, whether the Sr. Pastor or the delegated M.C., for the morning will be accountable to God for how they led. You are accountable for how you served and submitted. Chapters 11-14 of Romans talks about order in the church. God cares about order. Psalm 133 says where there is unity God commands a blessing.

This applies outside of the service as well. If the Sr. Pastor wants a particular song and you feel like it doesn’t fit with what “God told you” do what the Sr. Pastor asks (with a joyful heart). God will bless you for keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3

I look forward to your comments and additions to the list.

Number Two is here.

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