Proud to be a Husker fan

As most of you know I’m an unapologetic Husker fan. I’m not a rabid foaming at the mouth fan who thinks my team is #1 all the time. I’m a realist but I always love my Huskers. Win or lose doesn’t matter.

A couple weeks ago we went into Blacksburg and lost a one point game in a heartbreaker. We outplayed them and should have won however the inability to put the ball in the endzone and a phenomenal mental breakdown that had us 1st and goal inside the ten yard line and ended with us punting on 4th and 42, I know wow, made us our own worst enemy.

Sorry a little detour now back to why I’m proud.

The following week there were letters to the editor in Blacksburg newspapers from Husker fans thanking Hokie fans for the way they were welcomed and treated. Then I found out because they were treated so well in Lincoln two years ago they wanted to return the favor. Not that they aren’t great people anyway. It was nice to know the kindness was a return of the kindness they received.

Then this. A blog post from Jay Walker. A sports writer from Louisiana writing for ESPN. I won’t repost the entire thing here just a couple of key quotes:

Been to Manhattan, Lubbock, Austin, Stillwater and College Station. College Station was probably the best. Folks say “Howdy” when they see you. And they say “welcome.”

Haven’t been to the Horseshoe, the Big House or Happy Valley. Nor have I seen Touchdown Jesus.

But I’ve been to College Football Nirvana.

It’s located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

And finally:

If the two teams should play again in the future, plan ahead Cajun Fans.  Make the long drive or the relatively short flight.  Come in Friday…leave Sunday.  And, you will learn what REAL college football atmosphere is about.

Because, trust me…..there is no place like Nebraska.

So I’m always a proud Husker fan but today even more so. Thanks Husker fans for being the best in College Football.

Click through and read the whole thing, you’ll be proud too.

The SEC THINKS it has great atmoshphere……. by Jay Walker “from the birds nest” at ESPN1420 blogs

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