Day 4

The fast is going well so far. It’s a wierd feeling to have a full stomach and still feel hungry. We rode 45 minutes last night and I felt strong. My speed was up and I covered more ground, so to speak, than I have so far.

The biggest thing I’m noticing so far is I am so angry. It has always been laying just beneath the surface but I’m really noticing it now. I am mad at the way people drive and mad at the dog and mad at the tv. One of my goals for this fast is that I would find any bitterness in me. I think I’m on that path. I welcome it so I can root it out and be healed.

I am holding out hope for a new bike this year. Hayden wants to ride with us so that means I get a new bike. If he decides he wants to ride more I will get him one and use mine for the trainer. That or I may just get him a Trek 1000. I really want the Specialized Allez Expert. So I keep hoping and dreaming. I have to get through tax season first.

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Posted by Gary

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