Frontier School of the Bible, Closure

Got this awhile ago and haven’t had time to post it. Here is the conclusion:

Dear Alumni and Friends of FSB,

In October of 2008, Frontier School of the Bible discovered that a state statute, designed to deal with diploma mills, inadvertently affected legitimate schools and led to all religious schools in Wyoming losing their religious exemption. The consequences of this action could have caused us to relocate to another state.

Some of the effects of that statute were negated by Frontier School of the Bible being granted a Leadership School exemption by the Department of Education. We appreciated their help with our dilemma. In order to deal with all of the unintended negative aspects of losing our religious exemption, Representative Ed Buchanan submitted House Bill 16 on behalf of Frontier School of the Bible and all other religious schools in Wyoming. In February, this bill was passed with nearly unanimous support by the Wyoming Legislature and signed by the Governor on March 3, 2010. The passing of this bill has restored our religious exemption!

The prayer support for this situation has been astounding and humbling. We clearly saw the hand of God work in numerous ways and many blessings came to Frontier in the midst of this situation. Every time we encountered difficult obstacles, God provided direction and assistance from wonderful people and organizations.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Yours In Christ,

Frontier School of the Bible

God is good.

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