Glenn You Nailed it Again

and in the process nailed me.

I am an eternal optimist, sometimes to a fault. I always assume the best and sometimes miss things. Here is what Glenn Packiam had to say about  mature believers and “The Shack”

Why Do So Many Smart, Mature Christians Like This Book?
I am a bit mystified by this. But here’s my guess: mature believers tend to read their well-grounded doctrines and view of God into everything. This is why some Christians can watch “Braveheart” and see Jesus while others watch it and see blood and violence. Mature believers automatically weed OUT or ignore ideas they know to be false and read IN the truth they already believe. Younger believers, however, tend to read OUT of a book the ideas that seem the most comforting without realizing they are the most dangerous. Again, you can find God and truth everywhere. This is HIS universe. But some sources are richer, purer, and come with less baggage.

Sorry to imply that I am a “Smart, Mature Christian”. I am simply saying the above describes exactly how I responded to this book. I stand by my previous statements regarding my belief “The Shack” may be a response to some really bad theology that has driven people away from relationship with God. I now realize how I missed the broader picture.

I am so thankful for the body of Christ. Thank you Glenn for pointing this out to me.

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