Happy Fathers Day.

Another beautiful day in Colorado Springs, but first happy fathers day to all you dad’s.

Especially to my dad. He taught me a lot about commitment, doing what you say your going to do. My dad always does more than is expected. He’s a great craftsman and a very hard worker. I will call him later this evening and tell him how much I appreciate him.

On to the ride. My fathers day gift from my family was 3 hours on my bike it was great.

I loaded up two 16oz water bottles and my camel back with two cliff bars and headed out with the goal of 50 miles without going into the red zone. The wind was perfect and the temp was good. Warm but not too hot. I only went into the red zone 3 times. the first time a black ant flew into the vents in my helmet on the first big climb after Palmer Lake. I didn’t want to stop on the climb so I hammered to the top, took off my helmet and shook him loose. He only bit me a half dozen times so I’m good.

The second time was the top of Larkspur pass, it’s a steep one, and the final climb after Larkspur. It’s long and I was tired so I spun it up to the top. The rest of the ride was good. I had good legs all the way home. Here are the numbers:
3:15:39, 50.09 miles, 15.3mph avg, 42.4max, burned 3485 calories, bring on the shortcake, and avg hrt of 153, weighing in at 162 & something, about 20% body fat, who can tell with my goofy scale.
Looking forward to a good week. I’ll check in Monday if I ride. It’s my 18th anniversary and I’m trying to get my wife to go out with me.

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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.


  • At 2008.06.17 08:14, Steve from Lincoln said:

    Gary, I rode to Larkspur once a few years ago. I followed the directions that someone at a bike shop gave me. He took me trought the AFA, out North Gate, and a road he called “roller coaster road.” Then some little blacktop road that headed into larkspur. It was a great ride, and I think I finished with around 70 miles or so. Sound like the same roads you ride?

    Have a good summer.

    • At 2008.06.19 10:52, Gary said:

      Good to hear from you Steve.

      Yes those are the same roads. Roller Coaster is appropriately named. Next time you come out give me a shout.

      I see your top of the leader board again. I’m probably not going to catch you this year but enjoying the summer just the same.

      Maybe I’ll see you at the KBAR.