Learning to Die

Posted by Gary on May 31, 2004

Things are back on track, for the most part, and life is hectic again. We are now 6 months away from finishing our time here unless God calls us to do a third year. Which at this point is not likely at all.

We are very excited about what the future holds for us and we are earnestly seeking what God has next for us. My approach at this point in college is much different than I expected it to be. I thought I would be putting together my very impressive resume’ and looking for a “job”. Having been immersed in the Hillsong culture for a year and a half I have learned that staff jobs and ministry is birthed out of serving. So we are in search of the church that we want to serve and submit to. Dave Koenigsberg told me once a long time ago that people should first choose the church they want to serve and then move to that place and look for a job in that area. That advice is lived out here on a daily basis. Staff Jobs and ministry is birthed through people giving thier lives for the cause of christ in a local church. Soon those people are asked to join the team on a fulltime basis because they have proven themselves faithful and there motives have been tested through serving.

Before we decided to come here I missed a year of what God had for us because when I felt that it was time to pursue the call on my life I went looking for a job instead of asking “what does God have for us?”. So this time we are asking that question.

Last weekend we went to the genolan caves and deep inside the cave they turned off all the lights. What we experienced was pure darkness. Later Kim said “the only thing I knew to do was stand still” That’s how we feel. Until God luminates our next step we are not moving. Don’t panic. That doesn’t mean we are staying in Australia. It just means we are not going to plant until God illuminates our next step.

That’s where learning to die comes in. Gal 2:20 says that It is no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me. We are not giving up the dreams that we believe God has placed in our hearts but we are laying them down knowing that God gave them to us and wants them to be fulfilled more than we do. So we have chosen to pursue God and let Him work out the details of our future, our calling, and our hopes and dreams. Isaiah 49:1-4 My reward is surely with my God.

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Posted by Gary

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