My Favorite Tools

We live in an amazing time. So many great tools for keeping your ducks in a row. Whether your a digital or analog person there is a solution to keep you organized and on top of things.

I like digital tools because I can access them across multiple devices and platforms. Here are the tools I use to stay organized and help me keep my promises.

  1. Todoist I don’t know if I’d say it’s the best to do list. I haven’t used them all and I’m not really a fan of to do lists overall. (more on this later) I use it mostly for recurring tasks. I used the paid version for awhile but the free version works perfectly well. 
  2. DropBox This is one of the few tools I pay for. $99.00 a year gives me a TB of space which I can access from any device, any platform, any place, anytime. For the things I need access to from anywhere or want to never lose this is the best, and I have used them all.
  3. Google Calendar synced with my iPhone. If it’s not in my calendar it doesn’t exist. There are many others, I’ve just been using google calendar for so long and there is no reason to change.
  4. Kiwi for Gmail Love this app for my macbook. I used to use gmail online but I like having a desktop email client and this is the one I like best. 
  5. Native iPhone apps. I used to be a big PC guy but keeping them running was a full time job. Several years ago a friend gave me an old G4 and I’ve never looked back. Everything syncs, everything works, and I spend zero time cleaning it up or maintaining it. 
  6. Best Self Journal This one surprises people when I tell them about it. I mentioned I’m a digital guy but I love my best self journal. It’s a way for me to take time in the evening to reflect on today and plan tomorrow. In the morning I review my time blocks and my top 3 goals and priorities. It reminds me to be grateful and helps me to remember the big picture while planning the details. 

I used to use Insightly CRM but they changed the interface and ruined it. So I’m trying out several:
Less Annoying CRM I like this one. It’s not free but very simple. probably the front runner so far.
Zoho CRM It’s not bad but missing a few things I would like and way more stuff than I need, but it’s free.
CLOZE A lot to like about this one but the nice features are on the paid side. I’m considering it. 
HubSpot This one I’m just looking into. I’ll keep you posted.

Let me know what you’re using. I’m always on the lookout for things that are cheap, easy, and just work. 

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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.