Tail Wind

Top three things that make a great ride:
3. Newly paved roads.
2. False uphills.
1. Tail wind on the way home.
These are subject to change without notice.

As I walked out of the office at 5:05 to retrieve my biking clothes I realized there was a northwest wind and knowing how quickly the wind can change I dove into my clothes, onto the bike, and onto the Larkspur loop.

Nothing real earth shattering just a nice ride. I went up Larkspur pass, I know it’s just a hill but pass sounds so much more impressive, 2mph faster than two days ago.

The ride home was so much fun. I settled into a nice rhythm and flew home.

Here are the numbers:
21.42 miles, 15.2 mph avg, 38.5 max, 1:24:15 total time, burned 1573 total calories with an avg hrt of 163.

This weekend is packed so I don’t think I’ll get a ride in. We’ll see.

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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.