The Larkspur Loop

The weather finally broke, a bit, and I decided it was time to ride the Larkspur loop for the first time this year.

This little loop has become a staple for me because there is not much traffic, a good climb, and plenty of recovery time. I love it.

Tonight after work I jumped on the Felt F75 and headed up through Palmer Lake to Hwy 105 and down hill for about 7 miles with a 22 mph tail wind. So much fun to go fast. This time however I knew the payback would be substantial because that 22 mph wind would be straight into my face on the way home.

Going up Larkspur pass was good I didn’t fall beneath 9mph at all on the ascent and hit the top of the two mile climb listening to SRV playing Scuttle Buttin. I love it when the iPod chooses a good climbing song for me.

Recovered nicely on the downhill and proceeded through Larkspur dreading the next 10 miles. I hit the top of the hill past Larkspur and settled in for a long ride home. It’s a gentle climb for two miles before you hit the first moderate hill. I was in the same gear going the same speed with the same heart rate that I had on the Larkspur pass climb, Wow!

The rest of the ride was good and after the bacon hill portion of the loop I time trialed it home.

Here are the numbers:
21.29 miles, 15.4mph avg, 45.8 max, 1:22:48, burned 1542 calories and 162 avg hrt.

I know the numbers are not very impressive but it was a good ride for me this early in the year and the ride home was not as bad as I expected. Tomorrow I’m at an employment law update on the south side of town so I’ll look for a new route. I let you know how it goes.

BTW. I like this Flock thing.

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