I Am Not Dead

Posted by Gary on March 13, 2006

Sorry for my long absence. things have been amazing and much has happened over the last year. All of it a testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness.

There is a lot percolating in my mind and I have felt a stirring to begin again my blogging.

Thanks to those of you who have commented. I guess it never occured to me that people would come here rugularly. I have a lot on my mind regarding our actions activated by our faith and our faith being supercharged when you add the “agape” love that is shared abroad in the hearts of every believer.

I intend to work that out here and I would love to hear your comments as always.

Thanks again for your love and encouragement. I look forward to getting back to it.

be blessed.

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Posted by Gary

Gary Trobee is a certified coach and a seasoned leader with over 20 years’ experience mentoring, coaching, and encouraging leaders and their teams.